Edge of the City, Heart of the Region

Treforest Growth is a business networking group about economic growth for businesses based on the Treforest Industrial Estate. The Estate is a major force in the Welsh economy with over 400 businesses employing over 4000 staff. Optimally placed at the heart of the South Wales transport network, it’s a location with many advantages but also has exceptional potential.

The number of high quality, successful businesses based here is proof that it is a great place to do business.

Treforest Industrial Estate is also a major training and education hub for thousands of students which have strong links with businesses providing work experience and vocational skills.

At the heart of Region, means that the estate is within the reach of the majority of people who live in the South East Wales and they account for almost half population of Wales (1.4 million). Within the Region the average journey time to the Estate is 17 minutes whilst the UK average is 1.4 hours.

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The Group will play a key role in helping to promote and regenerate the Region and the estate as a great place to live and work.

Treforest Growth  has some clear goals which are outlined below:

Aspirations of the Treforest Growth Group

  • Develop an active business community who are proud to identify with their estate
  • Establish lasting and mutually beneficial relationships between businesses government and Educational institutions
  • To help existing businesses wherever possible.
  • Modernise the infrastructure
  • Create new jobs
  • Attract new businesses
  • Consider new opportunities